Just back from fabulous seiki weekend with Kyoko sensei…feeling renewed and rechallenged with my practice…learning particularly about resonance and communication with heart and hands, and hoping to bring more of both to treatments! This is the eigth year (I think!) that I’ve travelled up to Scotland for this workshop, and ..Continue Reading

Talk for Leeds and Bradford group of MS Society

Talk for Leeds and Bradford MS society I am excited to be invited to the Leeds and Bradford branch of the MS Society to give a talk and demonstration of Shiatsu on 24th February at St Chad’s church in Headingly. Having been working with a client with MS for nearly ..Continue Reading

September is Shiatsu Awareness Month

Every year The Shiatsu Society highlights the benefits of Shiatsu in September and this year we are doing this in conjunction with Macmillan Cancer support. And I am giving 20% of my fee to MacMillan for all new clients this month and 10% for existing clients. This also applies to ..Continue Reading

Needing space/peace/ a time of calm? You might find it here!

So you can now see the new gallery of photos further down the website! Hopefully they give a flavour of the room where I do my shiatsu treatments and practice Qi Gong, and also of the relaxing effects of receiving it! It is a light airy space which I am ..Continue Reading

My new website

Very excited to see the launching of my re-vamped website and big thanks to Robert Calin ( for all his work to make it happen! So hope it will be easy to find your way round, and help answer any questions you have about shiatsu or my shiatsu practice! Do ..Continue Reading

What Shiatsu Does for You

I consider shiatsu to be one of the best health care methods in daily life that can not only treat but prevent disease. Conventional medical treatment is employed only when you have become ill. No medicine can guarantee that you will never be ill with its usage…   It is ..Continue Reading

Taken from ‘Zen Shiatsu: How to Harmonize Yin and Yang for Better Health’ by Shizuto Masanaga with Wataru Ohashi

‘Today there are so many people who are midway between healthy and sick. We may call them ‘half-healthy’ people. There is no positive way for helping them until they become ill in the western sense. In oriental medicine, we can immediately begin  treatment to these half-healthy people before naming the disease ..Continue Reading

Taken from ‘Traditional Acupuncture: The Law of the Five Elements’ by Diannne M. Connelly

‘Though   Yin Yang gives us a facility for working and thinking about vital Ch’i Energy, it is the Five Elements which give us a framework more closely connected with daily life. The Five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water…   Like YinYang, the Five Elements are further descriptions of ..Continue Reading

Your partners

My partner is now addicted to shiatsu, and particularly finds the treatments help him de-stress, and I have seen a number of dramatic results (such as back-pain healed/stress-symptoms resolved), as well as longer-term changes to people’s health.

Labour and shiatsu

In my first labour when all the contractions stopped, my supporters worked the points to stimulate labour, and active labour then took off. It also gave me pain relief, in conjunction with other forms of pain relief. Recently a friend who was just overdue had her first contractions following a ..Continue Reading